Ondo SUBEB Examination Guidelines

From reliable source (as displayed on https://ondosubeb.org -being the official recruitment portal of Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board), all applicants are enjoined to kindly familiarize themselves painstakingly, with the guidelines provided below so as to avoid disqualification or failure during the upcoming recruitment examination.


1. The upcoming examination shall span through 2 hours within which you shall be given access to participate.

2. The examination favours both self and automatic submission within the alloted time per applicant.

3. Restarting the exam at any time wipes out your previous submission.

4. Exam opens by: 10am to 12noon on Monday (17th of August, 2020)

5. Be fast, be smart and be wise.

All of us at Three Merge Dotcom Ltd encourage all to pursue excellence in the examination.


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