Common signs your phone has been hacked

Few years ago, a friend of mine who is a computer security expert asked me a question, he said " if your phone is being hacked, how would you know?" I shook my head in reply; of course, I wouldn't know! And that's the truth, most phone users wouldn't know if their phones are being hacked. 

Your phone is likely to be hacked for couple of reasons;  to monitor your calls, to steal sensitive personal infos or to gain access to apps installed on your phone. 

Sadly while this impunity is going on, you may not detect your phone has been hacked.  You may be seeing some signs yet you waved these signs as nothing. This article is a wake-up call for you to note all these signs and take proper actions!

Please note that all these signs doesn't necessarily mean your phone has been hacked, there could be other reasons for such signs too. 

What are these signs? Here are some of these signs;

Your phone is sending and receiving strange texts

If you discover that your contacts  are  receiving messages from you which you didn't send then it's likely your phone has been hacked. 

inexplicable drainage of phone battery

If you  notice your phone battery is draining too in a way you can't  explain. This may be as a result of hidden malware or monitoring apps draining your battery quickly.

if your phone call log is showing calls you didn't make

If you noticed your phone keeps showing calls you didn't make and you are very sure you didn't give someone your phone,  just have it in my that your phone may be hacked. Hackers do that a lot. 

Sluggish phone performance

There are many factors that can cause your phone to be very sluggish. Too much of apps, hotness e.t.c. However it is well-known fact that  the presence of hidden spy apps or malware can limit the speed of your phone.

Your phone is switching on and off without you doing so

A shaky phone battery can cause your phone to switch off too but one of the ways you can detect if your phone has been hacked is when it is switching on and off . If you keep seeing signs, that should be a head-up 

Apps you didn't install showing on your phone

Please have it in mind that your phone can install apps without your permission. However if you sight any strange apps on your phone, try googling about the app to get more info. If you can't find any tangible info about it, delete it quickly, it could be a monitoring app in disguise

What to do if your phone is being hacked

If you are having all the above signs. You can do the following; 

  1. Install anti-malware software on your phone

Anti-malware software can help you identify and target spy apps  hiding on your phone. Ensure you install an effective one such as McAfee or Avast

  1. Use app locks

For apps such as your mobile banking app or social media apps, you can secure them by using app locks 

  1. Delete suspicious apps

If you notice any strange app on your phone, it's a safe bet to delete them. Also, always confirm that every app installed on your phone comes from a trusted source.

 4.clicking on suspicious links

Hackers can gain access to your phone by having you click a malicio link. So avoid clicking any links that look suspicious. 

5. Factory reset your phone

Please this should be your last option, you should only try this if other options have been exhausted. A factory reset of your phone will wipe all the data of your phone these include hidden malwares.



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